Life Is Beautiful

Nr: BBE4722018

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Heralding a new phase in his artistic life, Glaswegian producer Vince Watson introduces his new alias ‘Quart’ with the cinematic masterpiece ’Life Is Beautiful’.

Vince has laid a trail of musical breadcrumbs leading to the ‘Quart’ sound throughout his 20 year musical career; sublime, peaceful and melodic moments which shone out, even amongst his impressive dance music productions. Tracks like ‘Solitude’, ‘Never Too Late’, ’Every Soul Needs A Guide’ and his ‘Serene LP’ all hinted at an ethereal alter-ego behind Watson, but ‘Life Is Beautiful’ sees Quart emerge from the shadows to stand alone for the first time.

Quart takes its name from ‘The Watson Quartet’, which as Vince explains “was me playing everything anyway, so it’s now simply been reduced to Quart”. This explanation perfectly reflects the project’s musical aesthetic; Vince has clearly been through a creative process of reduction and distillation to reach the uncluttered calm of ‘Life Is Beautiful’.

“The influences for Quart are coming from classical, jazz and broken beat; I’ve naturally just evolved some of the music I was making as Vince Watson into something a little bit purer. This is something i’ve been wanting to do for a long time.”

At times displaying shades of Ludovico Einaudi, at others showing flashes of 4Hero, Vince’s free-flowing piano playing and natural ear for melody stand out throughout ‘Life Is Beautiful’, while fans of his house and techno output will be pleased to find Vince Watson’s unique sonic fingerprints all over the album.

Inspired by the birth of his daughter Winni in 2016, Vince describes the album as “a celebration of life, my most accomplished album technically to date and a beautiful way for Winni to reflect on her Dad’s achievements one day.”

Album released August 24th 2018.

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