Lefto Early Bird presents The Beauty Is Inside

Belgian DJ and tastemaker Lefto announces his latest compilation album, entitled ‘The Beauty is Inside’, on BBE Music.

Nr: BBE6482022

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Eclectic sounds ranging across genres and continents make up the 19 gems contained on ‘The Beauty Is Inside’, all deftly linked together by Lefto’s unrivalled taste and deep musical knowledge.

“You can’t sleep on Lefto! He’s always on it…” – Gilles Peterson

As well as showing respect for some somewhat unsung heroes from the past like Ethiopian singer Alemayehu Eshete, South African singer and actress Patience Africa and Spanish composer Pedro Ruy-Blas of seventies fusion band Dolores, Lefto looks to the future, showcasing young soul and electronic artists, including D.C.’s Dreamcastmoe, Pasadena’s Qur’an Shaheed, Regal86 from Monterrey, Antwerp’s abrahamblue and Elisa Bee from Milan, to name just a few. The album also features an appearance from paladin of the current jazz renaissance Makaya McCraven, and even a track from Lefto himself.

“‘The Beauty is Inside’ is a compilation of original tracks (I personally really like) and tracks from friends who happen to be great artists as well” says Lefto. “They are all pretty much up-and-coming, and deserve more exposure. It has always been my job as a radio man to shine a light on the talented artists who need it the most. We all know how the music industry works, and how hard it is to find your way in that world, so I hope this collection of tracks will give these artists the shine they deserve.”


Vinyl Tracklist:
A1. aint about me – Watching Tarot Card XVI Come to Life
A2. Dreamcastmoe & Shungu – Don’t Let Me Down
A.3 Iman Houssein – Their Eyes
A4. Qur’an Shaheed – Thrive

B1. Makaya McCraven – Crash Course
B2. CōS – Ayy Thank Full
B3. Trian Kayhatu – OK Dan
B4. Regal86 – Parado en la esquina

C1. abrahamblue – Joanna
C2. DJ Spinn – Synthshot
C3. Igor Jadranin – NUB
C4. Shlundee – Acid 2 Acid

D1. LB aka Labat – Ca chauffe tonton
D2. Elisa Bee – A Sun That Never Goes Down
D3. Pippin – Ro

CD / Digital tracklist:
1. aint about me – Watching Tarot Card XVI Come to Life
2. Alemayehu Eshete – Alteleyeshegnem
3. Pedro Ruy-Blas & Dolores – Membrillo
4. Patience Africa – By Hook or by Crook
5. Dreamcastmoe & Shungu – Don’t Let Me Down
6. Iman Houssein – Their Eyes
7. abrahamblue – Joanna
8. Qur’an Shaheed – Thrive
9. Makaya McCraven – Crash Course
10. CōS – Ayy Thank Full
11. Trian Kayhatu – OK Dan
12. Lefto Early Bird – E40
13. Regal86 – Parado en la esquina
14. DJ Spinn – Synthshot
15. Igor Jadranin – NUB
16. Shlundee – Acid 2 Acid
17. LB aka Labat – Pai Pai
18. Elisa Bee – A Sun That Never Goes Down
19. Pippin – Ro

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