Latin Spectrum II


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Half the fun of Latin music has to be the continual new discovery of songs that cannot help but make us dance and smile. Latin Spectrum II certainly is guilty of doing just this. A year on we are presented with the second in the series, this time compiled by the awesome Hector Torres. The uncle of beat king Kenny Dope Gonzalez (MAW) is a great lover of music and has been a collector for over 50 years. Hector is still a strong influence on his newphews productions and remixes for MAW. With such high credentials we happily welcome him to the BBE family of compilers.
The Latin vibe is strongly evident in all spheres of entertainment these days from movies to television and of course in music, whether it be the Buena Vista Social club or the latest dance tune from New York. This compilation provides a little insight into the history of this music and helps to unearth just a few of the undiscovered gems amongst an endless stream of exciting and passionate music coming from Latin America and its artists world-wide.

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