Gabriele Poso

The Languages of Tambores

Nr: BBE3852017

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Taking in a tantalisingly broad selection of percussion-led global sounds, new BBE compilation ‘The Languages Of Tambores’ is the brainchild of rising alt-jazz star Gabriele Poso. A true multi-instrumentalist, Italian born Gabriele found a particular affinity for percussion at a young age, studying in Puerto Rico and Cuba; describing this fascination as “a real reason to live”. His first solo album ‘From The Genuine World’ was released on Osunlade‘s ‘Yoruba Records’ in 2008, leading to a long- standing musical relationship between the two artists which has continued to blossom since. His latest artist album ‘Invocation’ is entirely played, sung and produced by Gabriele himself and his incredible live shows are swiftly raising his international profile one performance at a time.

An artist with a strong musical and spiritual vision, Gabriele’s appreciation for the use of drumming as a means to communicate led to the concept behind ‘The Languages Of Tambores’. This expertly curated collection of music summons up the excitement Poso must have felt when he began immersing himself in the study of percussion. Ancestral and evocative, this collection of tracks spans several genres and continents, tied together with that ancient, visceral connection we all share with the magical, unspoken language of the drum.

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