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2012 sees the release of Bara Bröst’s second album on BBE Records

Benjamin Quint and Markus Schwarzbauer aka Bara Bröst are looking forward to the summer: warm and melodious sounds dominate the tracks on the new album. “Kokolores” is a German word for ‘nonsense”, but pure nonsense is not the (only) theme of this album… the word derives from the sound of a rooster’s crow and it was used to describe the sometimes brilliant sometimes tedious chatter of the cocaine-driven hipsters/bohemians of Berlin in the Golden Twenties…

Working with musicians Jonathan Moore (piano), Michael Neuber (drums) and Philipp Stevens (guitar) was, for Bara Bröst a very fruitful creative exchange. As it was for the songstress Domonique and the singers Conan Kowalski and Capey Cash all the featured artists had the chance to enrich the tracks with their ideas. “In-your-face” is easy – but the Bara Bröst guys are looking for more subtle ways to reach the audience. That’s the artistic credo the former class mates now ‘House’ mates stick to. This is also true for their critically acclaimed live shows, which grew the audience for their debut album “Elephancycle” and will do for their second album “Kokolores”.

The result of this hard work is hand crafted, meticulously arranged, percussive Deep- and Funkyhouse. The stylistic spectrum ranges from complex Pop tracks to melody driven Disco hits. While listening to Bara Bröst’s new album you can already sense the coming of summer: dancing the night away… in other words: the lightness of being!

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