Keb Darge & Little Edith's Legendary Wild Rockers 2

Nr: BBE2142012

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Here we are again, another dose of unsung heroes from the past. All the tunes on here (bar possibly the opening tune) will be well known by the rockabilly world. However to those of you who have recently become, or are about to be infatuated with this music you are now holding a compilation of some of the rarest and desirable tunes known to the serious collectors. Little Edith and I have now left London, and are pushing this music in the clubs of South East Asia, and Japan. It was a thrill for an old codger like me to see how many youngsters in Britain were getting into this stuff, and other forms of good music before we emigrated. At last it seems the dominance of shite music is on it’s last legs. Keb Darge, 2012
Track listing:
01. The Skee Brothers – While Im Away
02. The Excels – Let’s Dance
03. The Braves – Woodpecker Rock
04. Jimmy Grubbs – Let’s Rock To-Night
05. Jackie Gotroe – Lobo Jones
06. Bobby Lollar with Pete Beaver’s Band – Bad Bad Boy
07. The Swanks – Ghost Train
08. The Tempests – Lemon Lime
09. Larry Donn – Honey-Bun
10. Don Willis – Boppin’ High School Baby
11. Rockin Continentals – 2-3-4
12. The Catalinas – The Catalina Push
13. Bob Vidone & The Rhythm Rockers – Untrue
14. Hank LeGault – I Knew
15. Bobby Lawson – If You Want My Love
16. DEACON And The Rock & Rollers – I Don’t Wanna Leave
17. Allen Page – She’s The One That Got It
18. Rhythm Rockers – Madness
19. The Shandells – Gorilla
20. Bryan “Legs” Walker With His Walkin’ Talkin’ Sax – Trick or Treat
21. Dubb Pritchett And The Rock-A-Taires – Five O’Clock Hop

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