Keb Darge and Little Edith's Legendary Wild Rockers Vol. 3



Here we are again, the third volume in a series set to outstrip my “Legendary Deep Funk” comps. We do hope so, as we much prefer the music on these. The funk and soul thing seems much too serious nowadays. Whereas rockin tunes are all about fun. Not to detract from the quality of music on these tunes, but you can clearly here the fun they had recording them.

The majority of the tunes on volume 2 were ultra-rare rockabilly classics. This time we’ve gone for pure fun with a few deeper sounding rarities thrown in to add a hint of diversity. DJing is also much more fun for us now as this music generates happiness in the crowd too. The old northern soul days of “drowning in a sea of my own despair” have been replaced with “having a ball”. That seems the condition we left the UK in too, with lots of younger club goers having a ball to the likes of Johnny Burnette or Charlie Feathers. Japan is already in the grip of Rockabilly fever, but we have our work cut out in other countries over here in South East Asia.

Noel Coward once said “funny how powerful cheap music is”. Still give us a few years and we will save them from a life of pish music. Already little pockets of resistance are breaking out. A bit like the UK ten years ago then ??

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