Jump The Channel - Volume One


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This Compilation is unique, this is the first time that two DJ’s from different countries have worked together compiling a Swing CD. The two DJ’s here are two of Europe’s Top Swing DJ’s, JC of Paris, France and Jeff ‘Two-Tone Boogie’ of London, England. The idea came about as a result of working together at the great Hep Cats Holiday weekender. It was decided that a CD that contained various tracks that both DJ’s liked and/or used would be of interest to the public at large, especially the Swing Dance scene followers. Weather your interest is in the 1930’s/40’s or 50’s music there is almost certainly something here for you. The date of the recordings range from late 1930’s to the early 1950’s, showing how well music from the different era’s work together. Many hours have been spent by both DJ’s researching the recordings to be used. They have included tunes that are suitable for both dancers and listeners alike. The sleeve notes are in both English and French, JC has commented on the British recordings and Jeff has commented on the French recordings. There are 13 French and 13 British titles.
We hope you enjoy this selection of recordings and please look out for further volumes to come. The track listing is in alphabetical order, we just thought this the fairer way to do things.

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