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Mega: Surpassing other examples of its kind; extraordinary. Jawn: Philadelphia slang word; referring to a person, place, or thing.
Mega Jawns were born on March 10th 2014 in a basement studio deep beneath the frozen streets of West Philadelphia. The product of a chance meeting between two veteran producers, both named Will.
Their debut LP ‘Ten Letters From Home’ was written, recorded and mixed within seven days of the pair first shaking hands and is due to be released later this year on BBE. “Joy” is the first single from this album.
The music can only be described as the joyous sound of two talented musicians and producers working together in unison, completing each other’s sentences. With the full weight of Philly soul tradition underpinned by unmistakably restrained European electronica, this record captures a character that neither performer could have summoned up alone. “Spirits were with us in the studio that week” says Brock and for once, the usually jovial Sumsuch simply nods solemnly. Joy is a taster from the the album, due to be supported in the clubs by John Morales, Louie Vega, Boddhi Satva and Kerri Chandler.

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