In Solem Verti

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DJ Bootsie, the number one Hungarian interpreter of turntables and sound samples, provides an exact, up to the beat, and in-depth account of his given psychological and musical state every 5 years. His debut album The Silent Partner was released in 2004 while we had to wait for his next one, Holidays in the Shade, till 2009. Another half-decade later, his third album is to be released this spring.
Drawing on electronic beats, urban Hip Hop, Hungarian folk music and culture in general, jazz and experimentation, contemporary music and sound painting, film score, while also expanding and breaking the boundaries of traditional music genres, Bootsie’s predominantly instrumental pieces are characterized by epic structures and intimacy.
Prepared over the last four years, In Solem Verti delivers Bootsie’s complex sound paintings by placing them on new foundations.
The grandiose epic that typically characterized his previous work is now pushed into the background as it has become simplified and more refined. The sound is more minimal and more ethereal, while it also is more electronic, taking a techno turn.
This might be Bootsie’s most personal album so far.
The album’s title reveals what exactly happened behind the turntables. In Solem Verti, which is Latin for becoming the sun, refers to reaching manhood, attaining firm and clear edges, and, in the meantime, to gaining a steely inner strength. It is a mirror he held to himself, which reveals to him – and to us – the definitive changes that had already taken place. Strengthening and intensifying this message, the album cover features an illustration by Kossuth Prize-winning graphic artist and sculptor János Kass.

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