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Git’s album “Imagination” could be described as an Experimental Design with roots in underground Hip Hop. Git’s musical style may be hard to pin point. His love of drums set the foundation for his sound: driving, percussion heavy productions anchored in traditional Hip Hop, with an experimental streak.
His sound has many flavours and is not to be boxed in one label.

One of the goals of this album is to fill the void that pop music has left. “Imagination” will remind us that talent and emotion can still be found in music today and one not always needs a million dollar budget to make good music.
If you like music that is raw, pure and speaks from the heart then you will love this project.

CD Tracklist:
01. Me (Intro)
02. Imagination
03. Did You Hear Something
04. Free World Isn’t It
05. Destroy feat. Distrakt
06. Higher feat. Big Brooklyn Red
07. Stacks Of Wax (Skit)
08. Dreamz
09. Thinkin
10. If You Just Make Love To Me
11. Loose It
12. Up Rock
13. Remote Control
14. Spaced Out Feat. Future Robot Monster
15. Bamstro (Skit)
16. Nothing Can Stop Me Now

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