Illa J

Not Ever

Nr: BBE732SDG2023

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Get ready for a soulful collaboration that’s about to take the music world by storm! Illa J, the American rapper, singer, and producer, teams up with rising UK soul star Harleighblu in their latest single, “Not Ever.”

This track is the lead single from Illa J’s highly-anticipated album, “No Traffic,” and is already making waves in the music industry. The album, set to be released on the iconic label BBE Music, is a milestone for Illa J as it is his first album where all tracks are entirely produced, written, and performed by himself.

Illa J is a true music prodigy, raised in a family surrounded by music and heavily influenced by his father, a jazz bassist, and his mother, a talented singer. Best known for being the younger brother of the late hip-hop legend J Dilla, Illa J is a former member of the iconic Detroit hip-hop group Slum Village.

Harleighblu, on the other hand, is a Nottingham (UK) native who developed a love for soul music at a young age. She draws inspiration from legends such as Aretha Franklin, Erykah Badu, and Lauryn Hill, and her unique blend of soul, hip-hop, and jazz has made her one of the most exciting artists in the UK soul scene.

Together, Illa J and Harleighblu bring a fresh and exciting sound to “Not Ever.” Illa J’s production skills are on full display throughout the album, particularly on this track, where his choice of synths and drums creates a playful and bouncy beat. Harleighblu’s soulful and powerful vocals add a contemporary ‘Floetic’ style to the lyrics, warning of the dangers of the ‘side chick’.

The chemistry between the two artists is undeniable, having collaborated for years, and their talents are perfectly showcased in “Not Ever.” Get ready to add this track to your playlist and be sure to check out Illa J’s upcoming album, “No Traffic.”

Release date: May 05th 2023
Format – Digital

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