I Am Your Mind (Mr. V 2020 Sole Channel Remixes)

Nr: BBE535SDG2020

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Originally released back in 2006 as part of the Roy Ayers ‘Virgin Ubiquity Remixed’ project on BBE Music, Mr. V revisits his Sole Channel Remix of ‘I Am Your Mind Part II’, offering up an updated take on his classic deep house version for 2020.

“When I first got the remix from BBE,” Says Mr. V “I was stunned and incredibly humbled to be chosen to be a part of this package. I was incredibly nervous to do this remix for a legendary label and a legendary artist like Roy Ayers… For me the stakes were high. I was young, not really knowledgeable in terms of the way I wanted to record and mix the record. Back then, I just went ahead, with no regard to sound at times… looking back more recently and knowing what I know now, I wanted to polish what I created. I’ve refreshed the drums and brought the elements to life in the way I originally envisioned for my remix.”

Mr. V’s 2020 Sole Channel Remix is simply a refined, polished version; while the composition and arrangement have clearly stood the test of time, this timely update breathes new life into the track and subtly transforms it from something historically great into something new and exciting.

Mentored by Louie Vega and active as an artist since the turn of the century, Mr. V has carved out a formidable reputation as a DJ, producer and label owner at Sole Channel Music and Muzik 4 Tomorrow. Known for his ‘golden age’ approach to dance music, embracing the tenets of inclusivity, soul and musicality that built this culture, Mr. V has released and remixed for many of the most respected imprints on the planet.

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