Heart is Breaking b/w Don't Cry


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International hip hop artist hailing from the UK, Ty hits us with his second single “Heart is Breaking” from his album “Special Kind of Fool”, on BBE Records. It is presented alongside a wide range of remixes by London’s up and coming producers: Simbad, Nutty P, Self-Taught Beats, Diverse Concepts X Chesus, Gucci Jazz Lords, Funk Butcher, Royce Rolls.

Ty is best known and loved for his lyrical honesty, ability to conjure emotion-fuelled poetry out of every day realities, dynamic live shows, and his eclectic sense of musicality, which never really did fit comfortably in to a musical box. Some may have thought him unwise not to jump on various bandwagons, but maintaining his independence and artistic integrity has allowed Ty the space to make consistent and uncompromised classic albums for the last 10 years.

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