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Formed by percussionist Chico Medori, Grupo Medusa were surely one of the best-known and most creative instrumental bands to come out of Brasil during the 70s and 80s.

Releasing only two albums, the group blended smooth jazz with African influences over traditional Brasilian rhythms. Originally released in 1983 on local Sao Paulo label Som Da Gente, Ferrovias was the second and last album the band recorded together.

Literally translated as ‘Railways’, the LP has a clear sense of movement throughout, with the title track giving the clear impression of a train pulling away from the station and picking up speed.

Easily identified by the languid fretless bass of Claudio Bertrame and the quite astounding percussion of Chico Medori, Grupo Medusa’s sound is truly timeless. At a time when Brasil’s music and culture are exploding across the globe like never before, it seems only right that Grupo Medusa get some well-deserved attention once more.

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