Reasons / Habituary

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Recently described by Wonderland magazine as “one of the UK’s most exciting Garage producers”, GhostChant quickly sidesteps any attempt to pigeonhole his sound by dropping two more cuts from his genre-defying debut album ‘Sincerity’.

‘Reasons’is a touching, subtle piece of lo-fi downtempo electronica featuring a gut-wrenchingly powerful vocal performance from Anthony Kastelanides. Wistful folk influences supplied by the singer and lone trumpeter blend seamlessly with haunting electronic textures, building to a truly potent crescendo.

Man of the moment Steve Cobby (Fila Brazilia) provides a typically laid back and melodic remix. Languid hip hop beats and summery synth lines lighten the mood of the original version, with the vocals and trumpet taking centre stage.

‘Habituary’ provides a more familiar ‘future garage’ vibe, albeit behind GhostChant’s characteristically dense clouds of reverb which lend the track a cinematic feel. A sensitive, fragile melody provides a poignant juxtaposition for SpaceGhostPurrp’s blunt vocal refrain (“smoking reefer, having sex, she loves getting f*cked up”), introducing a slightly sad, regretful undertone to the subject matter.

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