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Imagine you get off the train in London’s Ladbroke Grove. Its summertime with guys and girls in their summer attire and every- one has a smile on their face. You walk along Portobello Road, taking in the nice chilled sounds emanating from a speaker that you can’t see but can certainly hear.

You carry on walking, this time heading away from Portobello towards Trellick Tower. The sounds are still pumping, but along Golborne Road the soundscape is slightly rawer and tougher.

Then you blink and are no longer in West London, having been magically transported to Miami’s South Beach district. You pass a bar called Jazid and pop your head in. The music in here still has that gorgeous sun filled happiness about it and you stay here for a couple of Pina Coladas, closing your eyes and letting the beats embrace your whole persona. When you re-open your eyes, you’re still in Miami, but it’s now evening time and you’re dancing to a much deeper sound before heading off to bed to carry on this amazing journey tomorrow.

As the new sunrise appears, the sky is crystal clear and you’ve awoken in Washington D.C. There’s a strong sound of Go Go! influences on the radio that sets your mood for the day. You take a walk around downtown Capitol, stopping to listen to the music playing from a car stereo whilst nodding your head to the groove, but as suddenly as you were in D.C, you’re now on a boat sailing around the beautiful Croatian islands. The boat is packed with people dancing and you take in the sounds, the vibe, the love, the happiness and the general feeling that life is good. Having sailed around for what seems like hours, you’re now back on terra firma having docked in the glorious Sardinia on the same boat. You spend a few hours here relaxing and watching the sun finally disappear behind the western horizon before waking up and finding yourself back home. What a journey it has all been.

Fun! is a journey as described above, drawing influences from all of these places. If you have picked this up thinking it’s a house album, think again. It’s called Fun! because it was made with that very intention. In Phil Asher’s own words, “We just wanted to have Fun! and not try to force this into any specific pigeonhole. It’s a music album and in making it, we all had a lot of Fun!”

Words by Gareth Morgan

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