Full Circle



Officially born on 10th March 2011 when their east London debut gig effortlessly sold out, London- based acoustic 3-piece More Like Trees have been creating a buzz on the London music scene and beyond with their exciting new genre, dubbed “Strum & Bass”.

Seamlessly combining elements of flamenco, drum & bass, classical, hip hop, indie, dance and folk, MLT make their own musical rules to create a fresh new sound that has been capturing the ears and imaginations of many already established and acclaimed musicians, including world no. 1 female drum & bass MC, Tali with whom they recorded an acoustic reworking of her current Drum & Bass/Dupstep album, Dark Days, High Nights.

MLT have been welcomed into collaborations with The Local Posse, a collective of like-minded musicians from varied backgrounds, led by US loop-pedaller Joe Driscoll, and they are now regulars at The Local Posse sessions. Through this they met John Hendicott, the producer behind their debut EP, Full Circle and album, Roots, Shoots & Leaves. It also led to them working with the world’s number 1 beat boxer, Reeps One who makes an appearance on the new album.

Look out, too, for singer and guitarist Josh Whitehouse’s acting debut with his lead role in Elaine Constantine’s forthcoming movie, Northern Soul.

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