Zack & Geebah - For The Love of Money

Nr: BBE4962019

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‘For The Love Of Money’ is a long-lost Afro-disco-boogie-reggae masterpiece from Liberian duo Zack & Geebah, vinyl copies of which change hands for eye-watering sums on eBay. As part of its Tabansi Gold reissue project, BBE Music gives the album a top-quality, heavy-vinyl reissue, with original artwork, for the first time anywhere in the world outside 1980s Nigeria. Boogie classics like ‘For The Love Of Money’ and ‘No Peace No Love’ rub shoulders with the island-funk sound of ‘Take It Easy’ and the Toots-tinged funk-reggae ‘Home Is Home’, on to the soulful mid-tempo magic of ‘My Luck Will Shine’ and ‘Rock To The Music’. That old cliché ‘every one’s a winner’ is -for once- a truism!


Side A
No Peace No Love – 05:15
Home Is Home – 05:07
My Luck Will Shine – 05:34

Side B
For The Love Of Money – 05:55
Take It Easy – 05:00
Rock To The Music – 05:02

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