Elephancycle - The Single


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ELEPHANCYCLE (Original Mix):

It is a new interpretation of the 1920’s cotton club hit “Mini the Moocher”. Bara Bröst had the pleasure of working with the indie band SICKCITY singer Conan Kowalski, who recorded in a professional studio in Munich to add new flavour & zeitgeist to the well-known story of Mini the Mooch. He also gave the tune a lot of personality, which can be described as catchy pop tune that rather follows a band song arrangement, than the old dance floor scheme.

ELEPHANCYCLE (Nadja Lind Remix):

Nadja Lind `s remix is a dark and dubby. It is rather focused on the atmosphere and tragic story behind the fictive character of Conan Kowalski’s lyrics. Instead of building around the vocal track, the song is not only merely showing a glimpse of those, but creating a melancholic mood paired with a groove that touches you very deep within. The melody is simple, yet so powerfull to take over your emotions, putting you in touch with your inner ‘Peter’, the sad hero of Bara Bröst’s story. This tune is not only timeless, but bears all potential to become the a afterhour classic.

ELEPHANCYCLE (Antonio Olivieri`s Nasty Remix):

Antonio Olivieri`s nasty remix is as funky and floor orientated interpretation of Bara Bröst`s Elephancycle. Straight forward house groove, aims for summer festivals and open air parties. Will add a smile on all faces on the dancefloors. This tune is cut to impress and aims for the top with the kind of catchy melody to get stuck in your head for days.


The 1920’s cotton club hit goes 2011.

Bara Bröst effectively transport their very own interpretation of ‘Mini the Moocher’ to the cutting edge house dancefloor. Building on a straight forward and restless bassline, the base of a funky stomping 4 to the floor backing track, adding to Conan Kowalski’s irresistible vocals stating the bench mark of a prime time house tune.

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