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Come in, one and all! In September 2010 Bara Bröst releases their debut album “ELEPHANCYCLE” on BBE Records. The Album tells a multifarious story of a evening in the circus. The varied tracks of the album present a spectacular program with many little tricks and artistic performances. There is for example the marvelous “Madame Mila”, who heats up the circus tent with her brass band or the fabled “Zebril” – an African crocodile that has swallowed a zebra and finally the star of the show, the little lost-looking elephant Pete doing his tricks on his all too small bicycle, called “Elephancycle”. It will display their very own take on Deep – and Tech-House paired with catchy and at the same time advanced sounds perfectly suited for the out-door raves this summer, as well as crisp hooks for your innovative prime-time set. “Musical variety was given priority in all phases of our work. Who wants to listen to an album containing a hand full of 10 minute DJ edits.”

Bara Bröst demonstrate that their restive structure of shuffled sub-bass-lines, long silky kicks and swaying percussion forms a scaffolding with plenty of free space, but ever solid enough to stage yet the brightest candy-coloured leitmotif to lure you into dancing with a big smile on your face. They demonstrate a great sensitivity for buildups, unpredictable peaks and effortless moments of deepness.

“ELEPHANCYCLE” will be published along with a 12_ single, containing 2 songs from the album and a remix by ALPACA Records Label Head Christian Scheel (Noé).

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