Double Honey Pack

Nr: BBE763EDG2024

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After the highly anticipated debut album “Sugar Honey Iced Tea!,” the dynamic NYC duo strikes once more with a double pack of alternate versions and remixes. Craig Handfield and Brandon Weems, better known as musclecars, have unveiled a dance music masterpiece, now graced by the touch of house music legends Louie Vega and Maurice Fulton.

This double pack showcases multiple versions of “Tonight,” remixed by dance music maestro Louie Vega, who momentarily stepped away from his Masters At Work ventures to infuse this project with his magic. The main remix unfolds like an epic journey adorned with orchestral elegance, while the dub versions range from festival anthems (NV South Jersey Mix) to tracks that echo the early Masters At Work essence (Louie Vega’s Bronx Dub).

Additionally, we are gifted a new version of “Hello?” reimagined by Maurice Fulton. In this version, Maurice’s signature live bass lines intertwine with exuberant, hard-hitting percussion, casting a whimsical light on the deep, introspective original.

Complementing the remixes from musclecars’ esteemed inspirations, we encounter two new versions of “Ha Ya! (Eternal Life)” and “Water,” both stripped of percussion to reveal the stunning arrangements, textures, and harmonies. These renditions are accompanied by a full side of musclecars’ dance odyssey “I Don’t Remember The Last Time I Saw Stars.”

The Double Honey Pack is a tour de force. It’s a rarity to witness two legends unite to elevate an already stellar project, yet Vega and Fulton achieve just that. Meanwhile, Weems and Handfield meticulously peel back the layers, allowing the intricate details to shine. This promises to be the release of the summer!

Digital Release Date: July 19th, 2024
Double 12″ Vinyl Release Date: September 06th, 2024

Vinyl Tracklisting
A1. Tonight (05:55)
A2. Tonight (Louie Vega Bronx Dub) (05:50)
B1. Tonight (Louie Vega Remix) (08:22)
C1. Hello? (Maurice Fulton Remix) (06:44)
C2. Ha Ya! (Eternal Life)(Planetarium Mix) (07:38)
D1. I Don’t Remember The Last Time I Saw Stars (11:10)


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