Dopamine - A Vivid Dream


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Rapper Millz, or Ryan Jamaal Brooks as his mama calls him, moved east to the Bleecker district of downtown T.Dot in search of the dope life. 4 years of hustle and flow later and the 21 year old is ready to drop his first solo album, a project mostly helmed by one of Toronto’s finest performer/producers, Slakah The Beatchild. Titled Dopamine: A Vivid Dream, Millz debut deftly marries honest, seductive word play with spaced out synths and electro drums. So where did it all go right for the young outta-town MC?
“Music is my passion,” says Millz. “To then sign for Nova Music Management and be at Slak’s studio in Scarboro’, recording the track Lessons (Millz personal favourite) and doing what I love was so … humbling.”
In addition to Slakah (who also produced future buzz single Her), Millz has been in the studio collaborating with a slew of beatsmiths on the come up, namely Solheir (Getting’ Gone), Mister Mista (Epiphany), 2nd Sun (Dope) and O’Neil who contributed the outstanding Yonge Street, which also featured vocals from Slakah, trackmaster on the rest of the tracks bar one – The Millz produced Slow Sex. An ode to well, you know. Millz showing his versatility, by flicking the red light switch to lay the track himself.

Indeed, the ladies love cool Jamaal, except it would seem for Jazzy soul sanger Geneva, who sings the hook to Ain’t Gettin’ Nothing with gusto. “The things that I say in these songs are my reality. Experiences I wanted to share, including love. Love is a concept that’s universal. Everybody has the capability to love, so all the tracks about girls, men can relate. Girls too can flip it and understand where I’m coming from.”

BBE Records Dopamine: A Vivid Dream is wrapped, packed and ready for dispatch.

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