DJ Spinna & Kai Alce present Foundations Part 3: Chip E. - Like This

Nr: BBE438SLP32018

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The third volume in Kai Alce and DJ Spinna ’s ‘Foundations’ 7” vinyl series traces the roots of House music back to 1985, with Chip-E and K-Joy’s DJ International classic ‘Like This’.

Appearing on a ’45 for the very first time, ‘Like This’ exemplifies the early Chicago House sound that Chip E. pioneered during the early 80’s. Featuring raw, distinctive vocals from K-Joy, the track also stars a young Frankie Knuckles speaking the track’s title, in possibly his first ever studio session (it would be two years before Chip E. would bring him back into the studio to have a go at making a record of his own, but that’s another story). Another young artist making their debut on this classic is Lidell Townsell with his amazing keyboard work that was played live to tape, no sequencing. Last but not least, before Michael Jackson, Prince, Jennifer Lopez, and Diana Ross would find Steve ’Silk’ Hurley, visionary Chip E. hired Steve for his very first mix project. This combination of talent makes it clear why the record has passed the test of time and why Chip E. is considered the ‘Architect of House Music’.

BBE Music’s 7” reissue features an exclusive edit of the original extended 12” version of ‘Like This’, a cut which still simply can’t fail to move a dance-floor or bring a big smile to the face of any respectable house-head, more than three decades on from its creation. On the flip side, Kai and Spinna selected the ‘DDDub’ mix, a percussive and rugged, stripped down workout, which has stood the test of time brilliantly.

About The Series:
BBE Music is excited to present ‘Foundations’, a series of strictly limited 7” pressings exploring some of the most iconic House tracks of all time, as chosen by DJ Spinna and Kai Alce. With global interest in ‘45s on the rise, ‘Foundations’ aims to fill those frustrating gaps in all our collections by releasing specially crafted edits of classic house tracks on 7” vinyl for the very first time.

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