Diskorama! b/w Tonsberg!


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“Diskorama! b/w Tønsberg!” is the first single from Mathias Stubø’s forthcoming album “1979”.
Even though Mathias Stubø was not born before 1992 (now 18 years old) his love and addiction for the 70’s is stronger than the average 70’s soul boy.
Both of his parents were students at the Jazz Academy in Norway when he was born. The likes of Weather Report, Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke… were played all day while Stubø was in his mothers womb.
The passion for these organic sounds of the 70’s has been with him all the way since then.
Especially 1979 is a year that stands out for him in his huge and ever growing record collection.
The groove was on its way to the boogie. Funk on its way to fonk. The balance and friction between electronic and acoustic instruments was at its finest.
Stubø’s debut for BBE is an ode to the creative forces behind the funkiest and most mind altering music ever made.

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