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“Marc Mac’s Visioneers project LP “Dirty Old Hip Hop”, was one of the stand out albums of 2006 and a favourite at Piccadilly HQ. It now comes back reconstructed by some like-minded producers on the hip hop scene. Just three tracks from the original LP get the remix treatment on this CD, with “Funkbox” reworked by Jazzy Jeff, Terry Tester (one fifth of Danish hip hop troupe Vincent Van Go Go), Twelve Beats and Denz, “Replay” is remade by Terry Tester and Marc Mac. The LP is rounded off by the Visioneers remix of “Runnin'”, featuring the original Pharcyde vocals reinstated over Marc’s live band instrumentation. There’s 14 different mixes in total.” – review from Piccadilly Records

1. Funkbox (Jazzy Jeff Remix)
2. Funkbox (Jazzy Jeff Remix Instrumental)
3. Funkbox (Twelve Beats Return Remix)
4. Funkbox (Twelve Beats Remix)
5. Funkbox (Twelve Beats Remix Instrumental)
6. Funkbox (Extended Original)
7. Funkbox (Extended Original Instrumental)
8. Funkbox (Denz Rmx)
9. Funkbox (Denz Instrumental)
10. Replay (Visioneers Replayed)
11. Replay (Terry Tester Remix)
12. Replay (Terry Tester Instrumental)
13. Runnin’ (Visioneers Mash)
14. Runnin’ (Visioneers Mash Radio)

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