Mad Mats

Digging Beyond The Crates - Exclusives EP

Nr: BBE417ELP2017

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Following hot on the heels of ‘Digging Beyond The Crates’, the genre-agnostic double LP from Swedish DJ and Local Talk label boss Mad Mats, BBE are delighted to present this strictly limited 12” EP featuring three exclusive cuts, previously only available on digital and CD versions of the album.

Ezel’s lively jam ‘Get Down’ summons up classic Jamiroquai with slick and funky acid jazz stylings. Italian producer Turbojazz re-imagines the club classic ‘Strings Of Life’ as a tempo-shifting electronic jazz odyssey. London producer Ossie’s ‘I Hurt You’ lays down a simple house groove and in a strange co-incidence chooses to sample the same 70’s acapela that our friend J Dilla famously used on the Slum Village classic ‘Players’. Finally, Snarky Puppy pianist Bill Laurance shows of pure jazz chops with ‘The Pines’, a timeless and effortless work of art. Featuring music he stumbled across online, on CDs and mix-tapes and through friend trades, this three track vinyl sampler perfectly sums up Mad Mats’ fresh approach to music discovery, as he continues Digging Beyond The Crates.

A1 Ezel – Get Down (Ezel Funk Mix)
A2 Turbojazz – Strings Of Life
B1 Ossie – I Hurt You
B2 Bill Laurance – The Pines

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