Danny Fisher and The Houserockers with Claire Hamlin EP

Nr: BBE5982019

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BBE Music presents a hard-rockin’ EP from English Rock’n’Roll singer Danny Fisher alongside his ‘Houserockers’, plus Clair Hamlin on piano.

Entertaining crowds across the UK and beyond for over 25 years, Danny Fisher is a rock and roll singer from London. Alongside regular ‘Houserockers’ members Rob Glazebrook (guitar), Nick Hoadley (bass), Nick Simonon (drums), Claire Hamlin provides superb piano grooves to this superbly played and authentic sounding 4 track set.

Says Danny: “This EP was an idea we took from a live gig, where we played these tracks of the cuff. We were originally going to record Johnny B Goode but after sitting at the Dartford crossing for a couple of hours I decided to write a tribute to Chuck Berry instead. I got to the studio showed guitarist Rob Glazebrook the lyrics, he arranged a tune and the then we recorded Mr Berry (Go Johnny Go). As for the remaining tracks, we have put a new edge on some already fantastic classics.”

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EP by Danny Fisher and The Houserockers with Claire Hamlin

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