DandyLisbon - Chipi

Nr: BAT009SDG2024

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“Chipi” is primed to take the club scene by storm, standing out as a monumental instrumental track within the Amapiano genre. Crafted by the collaborative genius of DandyLisbon, Amzin Deep, Buru’Vera, and DrummeRtee924, this track is not just music—it’s an experience designed to energize and captivate from the very first beat.

DandyLisbon, a name synonymous with innovation in both the fashion and music scenes of Portugal, lends his visionary touch to “Chipi,” infusing it with a unique blend of cultural influences and a flair for the dramatic. His background as a footballer-turned-fashion icon- turned DJ has imbued him with a unique perspective on artistry, one that he fully brings to bear on this track.

The involvement of Amzin Deep, promises a depth of musical craftsmanship, with Buru’Vera’s established Amapiano credentials offer an authentic slice of the genre’s South African roots. DrummeRtee924’s precision in rhythm and beat-making ensures that “Chipi” delivers on its promise as a club banger that’s as intricate as it is infectious.

Beyond the pulsing beats and mesmerizing melodies, “Chipi” represents a fusion of talents that speaks to the global appeal of Amapiano. It’s a testament to the genre’s capacity for evolution and its ability to resonate on dance floors across continents. DandyLisbon and his collaborators have not just created a track; they’ve engineered an anthem that exemplifies the spirit of Amapiano — joyful, vibrant, and utterly compelling.

As “Chipi” rolls out to listeners around the world, its distinction as an instrumental masterpiece is clear. This isn’t just another addition to the Amapiano catalog; it’s a milestone in the genre’s journey, marking a moment where international influences and local flair collide to create something truly remarkable. With “Chipi,” DandyLisbon and his team invite you to lose yourself in the rhythm, embrace the beat, and become part of the Amapiano movement that continues to take the world by storm.

Format: Digital
Release Date: April 19th, 2024

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