Dancing Girl EP


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You need only take a look at the hottest names in the music industry today to realize that we are entering the age of the producer. Mark Ronson, Pharrell Williams, Timbaland or Kanye West to name but a few have all made the transition from their darkened studios to the limelight with varying degrees of success and have become household names internationally. One can speculate as to why this is, but it seems increasingly clear than in today’s convulsing music industry being able to multitask is a key attribute for any new artist. Step forward Aaron Jerome. Aaron Jerome combines his confident musical writing with brilliant production skills, accomplished musicianship and a rising Dj career. Raised in Nairobi, Kenya; of Indian descent, and currently residing in cosmopolitan London, Aaron Jerome’s influences are as wide as it gets, as is readily apparent on his forthcoming 2008 debut album “Time to Rearrange” (BBE Records). But before we unleash that beast onto the world, BBE is proud to offer you a taster of things to come with “Dancing Girl”. This his first single kicks off with a gorgeous cover version of Terry Callier’s original masterpiece featuring Zero 7’s Mozez on vocals. On the flip we find Aaron Jerome’s’ own composition “Blow Your Own”, for which he is joined by the rising star of Belleruche fame – Kathrin DeBoer.

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