Colombian Soul

Nr: BBE5422019

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To most people across the globe, Colombian music (whether traditional or contemporary) usually means energetic, up-tempo latin sounds made for dancing.

Having resided in Colombia for many years now and become a firm fixture in the country’s grassroots music scene, Tricky D has come to know a softer, smoother side to Colombia’s music that most of us never get to hear; so was born his ‘Colombian Soul’ project. As Dean puts it: “I realised that there is no compilation of Colombian downbeat music, so I decided to dig deep and get together collection of dubby, downbeat, minor tuned songs. The result is this collection of 20 spacey, soulful songs recorded by well recognised Colombian artists, many of whom I’ve collaborated with over the past few years.”

Featuring cutting-edge underground sound-system crews and hip hop collectives and Latin Grammy nominated stars alike (and pretty much everything in between), ‘Colombian Soul’ provides a great introduction to the vibrant, eclectic electronic music scene exploding in Colombia today.

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Cover art
Photo: Rita Dagaz
Model: Isabel Arango
MakeUp: Steven Cifuentes Clothes: Mixelanea

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