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The new project called ‘sUb_modU’ shapes up from the desire of avoiding to choke a growing love simply because it wouldn’t suit the style of the former projects tied to the exploration of abstract hip-hop and future beats with Jazzy Gentle, or to the cinematic sounds/70’s soundtracks (with the Acusmatic Group) and to the past 10 years of jazz studies and performances.</br>
This new love finds its roots in the echoes and the sound of electronic music (mainly analog sound and future-bass music) and, amplified by the Berlin experience, explores a new territory creating a sound that makes one think to the illusion of hypnotics circles translated into music, with the help of phase shifting, overlapping of rhythms and sequences of phrases.</br>
The 4 tracks recall an hypnotic trip in the imaginary movie that the city of Berlin offers daily. Its script, not only highlights the harmony transpiring from the city cultural melting pot, but also captures the many voices, the random juxtaposition of its noises and silences, the sharp contrast given by the color and the essence of spices against the often grey shaded landscapes, the pulsating darkness of the nocturnal Berlin bass-sound fading into the quietness of an empty U-Bahn station.

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