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It’s been a full cycle around the sun since Benny Tones’ album, ‘Chrysalis’ was released internationally on BBE Records and since then, Benny has made a few orbits around the globe of his own.

Benny’s intrepid musical adventures have seen him perform and engineer for New Zealand’s Electric Wire Hustle in such exotic locales as the infamous English midland, mud slinging, awe inspiring Glastonbury Festival and a dusty Texan bar after sundown amidst the musical rodeo known as Austin’s SXSW, among many more.

And what does an audio enthusiast collect on his travels? Beats of course. Benny has collated his own digital album of audio mementos in the form of ‘Chrysalis – The Remixes’, a collection of 30 remixes from the freshest producer talents across the globe including, fLako (England), Opiuo (Melbourne), B.Bravo (San Francisco), AD Bourke (Rome), Tayreeb (Paris), Comfort Fit (Berlin) and New Zealand’s own, TRUTH, Alphabethead, Sola Rosa and Christoph El Truento to name a few.

“It has been a real journey collating so many crazy remixes from people I have met all around the world. I ended up with so many I loved I couldn’t decide which ones to include, so I thought I would just do one huge release of 30 remixes! It’s an incredible collection of music, from so many different genre’s and styles and I am so happy to finally be able to release it into the world.” says Benny.

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