Fatima & Jerome - Brooklyn Zoo

Nr: BBE5762019

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First collaborating on acid-tinged deep house cut ‘Talk To Me’ which featured on Jerome Sydenham’s recent album ‘Cosmic Urban Flight’, Fatima and Jerome team up for fiery long player ‘Brooklyn Zoo’.

Jerome first stumbled upon artist Fatima Njai during one her many powerful street performances in Berlin. He was mesmerised, so much so that the show made an indelible impression and he was moved to reach out to her. Upon meeting, the pair established a musically fruitful connection right away.

After their studio sessions, the pair would often venture out to sample Berlin’s House music scene, both noticing something of a void in terms of musicality. Inspired to fill this gap, Jerome and Fatima immediately began leaning toward strings, percussion, pianos and synths: sounds that represent the essence of House.

The outcome is ‘Brooklyn Zoo’, an album Jerome describes as “an emotional variance of Deep House, with universal street adaptability and a club friendly arrogance.” Staying true to the spirit of House music, the album is at once raw and intimate, soulful and gritty, joyful and intense.

And the title? As Jerome says: “Berlin and Brooklyn have great confluence of underground energies. It is also a reminder of the change of sound style and vibes that have occurred over the years. Exchanging and reflecting on the different and similar experiences. Making the connection between culture, music and the perspectives on the exploitation, progression, presentation and growth of such vibes all lead to the title: BROOKLYN ZOO. This is ultimately an international cultural reference mirroring and uniting the reality of rhythm, fun and love.”

About the artists:

Fatima Njai is an artist exploring the world of sound, video and performance art. The complexity, data, identity and creation of sound became an invaluable aspect of her powerful polarising Diploma work „Negertiv“, which can be found on YouTube.
Jerome Sydenham is a graduate of the 1990’s New York house explosion, previously working as A&R for Atlantic Records and launching his own ‘Ibadan’ imprint in 1995.

Available on Traxsource, July 26th 2019 on all stores.

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