Brazilian Skies [taken from Strange Games & Funky Things Vol. 5]


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Dj Spinna brings you a couple of new remixes on a tried and tested old school dancefloor classic.
The Refreak mix allows the synths, bass and lead guitar riffs more space to breath and become more prominent in this mix that stays true to the original versions.
DJ Spinna and Ahmed Sirour Remix is a NY style house mix that is being championed by Louie Vega, Joe Clausell, Danny Krivit, Osunlade and many others already.

We are pressing a limited amount of 1000 on vinyl to support the Strange Games and Funky Things 5 release.

Bill Summers came to prominence in the early seventies as a Latin Jazz percussionist who primarily plays the congas. He was part of the acclaimed Herbie Hancock band The Headhunters and has played on several film scores with amongst other Quincy Jones.

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