Boom Time

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Boom Time is the second single from True Ingredients’, multi flavoured album Through The Lens. It’s intent is, the infectious upliftment of the spirit in a time of austerity, gloom and despair. It’s an up tempo party jam that calls for economic boom and efforts to counter poverty in Africa and the world. TI are known for their fun, high energy vibe and this tune shows you their mindful socially aware side without being preachy or melodramatic.

The track and music video take listeners into the multi cultural World of TI through the voice of Mr Milk, a London born lyricist of Sudanese origin. He shares his perspective of injustice in Africa as a whole and Sudan in particular before addressing the global struggle for prosperity by everyday people.

He’s backed by anthemic production and chorus chants that transform the heavy subject matter into a frothy, joyous and energetic celebration of positive intent and an optimistic outlook. Visually, this is all brought to life in a music video that sees Mr. Milk exploring everyday life in Sub-Saharan Africa, the ancient Nubian Pyramids and Sudanese market places.

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