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‘Grow Slow’, the debut album from DJ Vadim and Ghanaian vocalist Sena may have taken ten years to create, but in the few short months since the record’s release, it’s quickly become something of a classic. Surely one of the LP’s highlights, the dubby, reggae infused, slo-mo dancehall skank known as ‘Boneshaker’ get the remix treatment here from a group of BBE’s most exciting new artists.

Opening the package, French production maestro DJ Oil’s version is moody, dense and ever so slightly unsettling, best described as psychedelic afro-trip-hop. Definitely one for the heads. Up next, one of the most prolific underground artists on the planet right now, Australian beat-fanatic Inkswel brings the breaks with his yet floaty yet driving uptempo hip hop remix. Mr Bird’s bouncy, genre-defying ‘Afrodubhop’ rework introduces live scratching and heavy drums, not to mention truly inspired vocal treatments; a guaranteed party starter. Last, but by no means least, Tricky D dubs the vocal out to within an inch of its life over a storming reggae track, moving the original horns to the forefront and adding some fantastic live percussion.

Vadim & Sena’s bone-shaking album ‘Grow Slow’ is out now on BBE.

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