Black Star feat. M.anifest



Richy Pitch created Blackstar to build a bridge between modern electronic Hip Hop and the idea of African Rap. It eases the listener into the sound of the upcoming LP entitled Ye Fre Mi Richy Pitch, due to be released this summer. M.anifest – the featured MC describes Blackstar like this: “Blackstar” is somewhere between an artistic autobiography and a collage of snapshots of life as a youngster in Ghana.”it was all a dream, but i never had word up magazine.” It’s also an allusion to the name of Ghana’s beloved soccer team, the “black stars.” The entire country gets religious/fanatic when they play. So being a black star to me, a diasporic Ghanaian, symbolizes doing things in my artistic journey to represent and thrill my people like the Essiens and Abedi Peles of our history.

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