The Best of Disco Demands

Nr: BBE1732012

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“The Disco Demands series started sometime in the early 2000s – I couldn’t give you an exact year because it didn’t feel like a big deal, so I never noted it. I simply wanted to put out a compilation of some records I really liked and maybe make a little of the money back I was spending on them. Buy some food and stuff.

There’s always been Disco comps around of course but there was rarely anything that strayed too far from the standards.. the same songs kept appearing over and over again, or the comps would feature records you could pick up anywhere for little money. I’ve never seen the point in that. I gave up judging a record on its value or rarity a long time ago but surely there’s more to disco than Exodus, Martin Circus, Mass Production and all those Salsoul, West End and bloody Prelude records. So it was a nice surprise to find that there were other people out there who thought the same way.

Volume 1 was pretty straightforward – just some nice records, with the only edit being an instrumental of Disco Socks; a strange, thinly veiled reference to the disco sucks movement. Then on Volume 2 I included a few of my edits and introduced the cover up concept to the disco world. That caused a bit of controversy, which of course I loved. And so it continued for five volumes.

What we have here then is the full series, give or take one or two cuts, all remastered, many re-re-edited, with lots of nice naked pictures to boot. For those who’ve asked since day one “will there be vinyl” I can finally say yes, you’re holding it!”

Al Kent, 2012

Vinyl tracklisting (Part A)
A1 Arts & Crafts – I’ve Been Searching
A2 Executive Suite – Why In The World Do They Keep On (Funk’in With Me)
B1 Sizzle – Love Is All Around
B2 Silver, Platinum & Gold – Just Friends (Original Studio Version)
C1 Jimmy Sabater – To Be With You
C2 The People’s Workshop – Funkathone
D1 Allan Harris And Perpetual Motion – Get Ready (Original Studio Version)
D2 Panaché – Sweet Jazz Music

Vinyl tracklisting (Part B)
A1 Hot Ice – Dancing Free
A2 Al Tanner – Doing Our Own Thang
B1 Arthur King – Fear
B2 Superbs – Party Together
C1 Curtis – How Can I Tell Her
C2 Cheryl Berdell – Giving It All To You
D1 Sylvano Santorio – We’ve Got It
D2 Stringfield Family – Sound Of Disco Rock

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