Best of BBE Ladies 2014


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‘This is a man’s world,’ said Mr. James Brown, before adding the caveat, that it would be ‘nothing’ without ‘a woman or a girl’. We couldn’t agree more which is why we’ve put together this compilation of more than a dozen distaff delights from a bumper crop in 2014.
Not only did we bring back into circulation some criminally overlooked albums from disco-diva Sandy Barber (better known these days for countless house sessions as Sandy B), cult jazz vocalist extraordinaire Janet Lawson and a rare-as-hen’s teeth Afro-disco obscurity from Nana Love but we demonstrated our commitment to developing new artists with a whole slew of sisters doing it for themselves: Vaitea and Algebra Blessett both turned heads with well-received albums that sprang from the deep traditions of hip-hop and R&B, respectively, whilst offering a distinctively different approach to the mainstream. Joining them with her own particular brand of mutant nu-soul is Stephanie Nicole whose Diligence was a highlight of the second BamaLoveSoul On Deck album earlier in the year and as yet all we have heard from her but look out 2015. Loretta Heywood, in contrast, is a relative veteran, having made her name on the broken-beat scene a few years back. Her version of Horse With No Name will surprise and delight many.
It’s not just the solo artists either: the ladies front three of our most lauded recent projects, from The Grits and True Ingredients, offering up big-beat funk, dancehall (The underground mega hit Give It Up featuring rising star Katrina Blackstone with DJ Vadim on production was an instant smash at the office ) and a kind of rock/hip-hop hybrid respectively. Along with Katya Tasheva’s heavenly contribution to breakbeat maestro Bagar aka Tricky D’s reggae-tinged Fight You With The Love, we think you’ll find here a compelling cross-section of sister soul in all its contemporary manifestations…

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