BBE Staff Selections 2023

2023 has certainly kept us on our toes at BBE Music, with no shortage of exciting happenings. Releasing more than 100 projects this year, we’re thrilled to highlight our team’s favorite musical selections.

Nr: BBE7802023

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With each beat and rhythm, we’ve sequenced beloved tunes from yesteryears to bring back to life timeless classics. Historic reissues on BBE – available both digitally and physically – highlight these masterpieces that have now been remastered. All thanks to the Grammy- nominated The Carvery Studio, tracks such as cannons from Perception / Today Records, gems from Strata Records, highlife from Asona Records, J Jazz series expansions, and so much more all unveiled a new, captivating sonic experience.

Many of these reissued originals were previously only available at exorbitant prices online. Thanks to The Carvery Studio for their meticulous remastering process, we’ve made them more affordable and accessible. This includes tracks such as Soul Liberation, Remi Kabaka’s Son of Africa, J&F Quintet’s masterpieces, Forest, Sphere’s Inside Ourselves and more.

This compilation snapshot captures the essence of all the music BBE brings to life: real music for real people. A wonderful initiation for any budding audiophile or simply a music lover starting their journey with BBE.

This year, we also marked hip hop’s golden jubilee with the release of Illa J’s album. The exclusive track, ‘Relapse (Instrumental)’, featured on this album, is a critics’ choice that rightfully continues the powerful Yancey music legacy.

But our voyage into musical celebrations didn’t stop there. We paid tribute to the long, illustrious careers of Airto Moreira and Flora Purim, the reigning king and queen of Brazilian jazz.

So here’s to all who cherish jazz, folk, afro beat, hip hop, funk, soul or Americana. This compilation celebrates the diversity of music, a testament to authenticity and our dedication to making real music for real people.

Release Date: December 08th, 2023
Format: Digital

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