Audrey Powne - From the Fire + Instrumental

Nr: BBE753SDG2b2024

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Releasing as the title track of her forthcoming debut album, From the Fire is also the 2nd single release from Audrey Powne’s self-written and self-produced masterpiece. The track features Audrey as vocalist and virtuoso trumpet player in a song that blends a beautifully laconic drum break with a melody and lyrics which promise both optimism and re-birth.

Taking direct inspiration from two of Audrey’s favourite artists, the groove and harmonics in From the Fire are influenced by Herbie Hancock, in particularly his Secrets and Sunlight LPs, both from the 1970s. The layered, harmonised trumpet solo that brings From the Fire home owes its form to Audrey’s love of the genius of Roy Hargrove.

Indeed, as well as Hargrove’s influence as a trumpet maestro coming into play on the track, Audrey Powne also employs similar recording techniques to those used by Hargrove in his seminal work with the RH Factor. As with the previous single release, From The Fire also highlights Audrey Powne’s skills and artistry as a producer and arranger.

Audrey Powne is an artist destined for greatness as a composer, lyricist, vocalist, producer, arranger and musician and in both the singles coming off the From The Fire album we get a taste of the brilliance that is promised in the full album.

Format: Digital

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