David Marston, Rob Paine & Lady Alma - All The Way Far Away

Nr: BBE654SDG2020

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Jamaican producer affiliated with Soul Clap’s ‘Crew Love’ collective, David Marston joins forces with Philadelphia artists Lady Alma and DJ Rob Paine for ‘All The Way Far Away’, featuring remixes from Toribio and Troop 493.

All The Way Far Away is a mellow dance groove with glistening keys, beautiful synths and a light driving beat, all which meld together to support the lush and sentimental vocals of Lady Alma. Producers Rob Paine and David Marston first conceptualized the track on a fall afternoon in the city of Brotherly Love. The pair met through the music scene in Philadelphia and quickly bonded over a shared love of reggae, dance music, and DJing. Marston sent Paine a rough instrumental version of what would become All The Way Far Away. Paine refined and further developed the instrumental, and then invited indisputable legend of Philadelphia’s house music scene, Lady Alma, to lend her writing and vocal talent to the song.

In her powerful lyrics, Lady Alma reminisces over an unforgettable relationship, recounting an “endless love affair” between two people who have developed an inextricable connection. She reflects on the powerful and bittersweet memory of lost love. All The Way Far Away is a poignant song that highlights the significance of gratitude and remembrance in navigating intricacies of a storied romance.

The release package also includes a club rendition by Paine and Marston, a breaks remix from Troop 493 (Jon Gunshor & Paine), as well as a floor-stomping, funk-heavy club remix from Brooklyn’s Toribio. The track also features wistful trumpet lines recorded by Aquiles Navarro of Irreversible Entanglements.

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