Alina Bzhezhinska, Tony Kofi - Anima

Nr: BBE779SDG2024

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Anima, the opening number from harpist Alina Bzhezhinska and saxophonist Tony Kofi’s collaborative musical journey, Altera Vita, is a captivating ode to life’s very essence, breath. Intrinsically entwined with our existence, ‘Anima’ – Latin for soul – finds its symbiotic relationship with breath, deeply rooted in mythic lore. Ancient civilizations believed it to be the gods who ‘breathe’, or bestow the Ka – a life force or soul – onto an individual, marking the beginning of their existence.

Anima serves as a perfect entry point into the expansive universe of ‘Altera Vita’. The composition begins with a harp intro that guides the listener into a serene ‘other world’ where Kofi’s saxophone and Bzhezhinska’s harp engage in an intimate dance echoing stories of existence, questioning and responding to each other’s musical cues. The interspersing cadences achieve a resounding echo of life’s rhythm, adding layers of atmospheric depth and a hint of percussive texture, creating a rich tapestry of sound.

The spotlight, quite deservedly, falls on the razor-sharp precision and controlled mastery of Kofi’s saxophone performance. It inhabits a central space in this ethereal ensemble as it intricately weaves through the narrative of the track. The saxophone’s voice, both poignant and assertive, offers a compelling focus that harmoniously fuses with the exotic and beguiling strands of Bzhezhinska’s harp.

Together, they envelop the listener in an aural spectacle spanning five minutes, designed to cleanse senses and uplift spirits. It captures the transient quality of breath – the raw, unadulterated phenomena that fuels the existence of every living entity. Anima, in essence, transcends the ordinary and celebrates the profound connection between breath and Anima (soul).

Format: Digital
Release Date:February 9, 2024


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