African Brothers International Band - Locomotive Train (Keteke) - Meko Tarkwa! Meko Tarkwa!! Meko Tarkwa!!!

Nr: BBE7582024

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Releasing to coincide with the Ghanaian Independence Day celebrations on 6th March, African Brothers Band International of Ghana’s Locomotive Train (Keteke) – Meko Tarkwa! Meko Tarkwa! Meko Tarkwa!!! album is a fine example of the band’s fusion of Highlife, guitar based Rock and Reggae.

Originally formed as The African Brothers in 1963 as a concert party, the band has had a rotation of personnel and several variations on the band name with many of their 56 albums only released in Ghana and, in some cases, only ever on cassette.

The line-up for this album is the personnel list considered to be the classic with bandleader Nana Kwame Ampadu arranging, composing and producing all tracks with a five guitar front line backed by the legendary Baba Tunde on drums alongside the organ, bass and three percussionists.

Originally coming out on the Ghanaian label Happy Sun, a subsidiary of Nyarko Records, Locomotive Train represents one of many album and single collaborations between label and band from the early 1970’s onwards.

Re-issued as a digital in time for the Independence Day celebrations in Ghana Locomotive Train has been fully remastered by Frank Merritt at The Carvery, London and is a fantastic choice to highlight the part that Highlife has played in the cultural history of Ghana and its music.


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