Listen: Winter Sounds For Real People


Time flies when you’re having fun! This slept-on and rather wonderful mixed compilation from Sumsuch originally appeared in 2014, but we think you’ll agree that it’s ageing like a fine wine. Featuring a host of obscure titles from our back catalogue, this mix is a perfect winter warmer.

More about the album:

Presented in the style of a good old fashioned mix-tape, BBE’s Winter compilation charts a course through cool jazz, languid electronica, deep folk & mournful soul, a perfect soundtrack for the sudden cold-snap the UK is currently experiencing.
Let loose on the label’s extensive catalogue, compiler Will Sumsuch has uncovered some hidden gems from our back catalogue, as well as premiering a couple of tracks from upcoming releases. One half of our very own Mega Jawns,Sumsuch is also a contributing editor for 5 Magazine in Chicago and runs his own deep house label, Colour and Pitch. “One of my earliest memories as a kid was making mixtapes for my mum, my friends, girls I liked… All kinds of music got lovingly (if not skillfully) thrown in together, all loosely based around some kind of theme. It was a joy to take the same approach again, 20 odd years later, with just a mood in mind, scant regard for tempo or genre. Digging through so many hours of incredible music on BBE has been an absolute pleasure, so I’m more than proud to present my seasonal selection of fireside cracklers.”

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