Tricky D presents a DJ mix to mark the release of ‘Tricky Dubs’


Bagar aka Tricky D performs a special DJ mix to celebrate the release of his new BBE album ‘Tricky Dubs‘, released on July 13th 2018.
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More info:
Showcasing a carefully chosen selection from his impressive library of remixes, many of which were commissioned by BBE, this album demonstrates the versatility of this prolific and talented producer beautifully. An album of two halves, ‘Remixes’ contains both Tricky D’s heavier dub/dubstep material, as evidenced by his fiery versions of Fogata Sounds & Tippa Irie’s ‘Loud & Clear’ and Vadim & Sena’s ‘Boneshaker’ alongside touching, sensitive reworks of Sacha Vee’s ‘Hey Sugar’ and ‘Fight Back’ by Humus. An understated music-maker with a unique approach to production, Tricky D’s scrapbook of versions stacks up beautifully as a piece of art all its own.