The Making of Jazzanova: Strata Records the Sound of Detroit


BBE Music and 180 Proof Records are overjoyed to unveil their latest cinematic endeavor, “The Making of Jazzanova – Strata Records, the Sound of Detroit.” In tribute to the enigmatic Strata Records, BBE Music has resolved to elevate the profile of this obscure Jazz label hailing from Detroit in commemoration of International Jazz Day on April 30th, 2023. This documentary provides a rare glimpse into the inner workings of the creation of Jazzanova’s seminal album, masterminded by music connoisseur DJ Amir and the German musical collective, Jazzanova.

This film embarks on a voyage into the creative realm of Jazzanova’s musical vision and the Strata Records legacy, offering insightful interviews with key contributors to the project. The documentary shines a spotlight on Detroit’s rich musical heritage, accentuating the often-ignored musical gems emanating from cities like Detroit and the Herculean effort required to conceive a musical masterpiece.

Jazz, a genre with a century-long legacy and cultural significance, boasts roots in blues and ragtime music. Known for its improvisation, syncopation, and swing, jazz has been a major influence on other musical genres, from rock and roll to hip-hop. Despite being banned in 1940s Germany, In 2020, a German band embarked on a remarkable mission to unearth one of Jazz’s forgotten catalogs and share it with the world, reaching new audiences.The underlying theme of jazz is freedom – in both musical expression and the art of improvisation.

In the past, jazz was deemed immoral due to its association with African American communities and activities like drinking and dancing. Today, jazz is widely acknowledged as a significant and respected musical genre. The recent resurrection of vinyl has fuelled the resurgence of interest in jazz, particularly among the younger generations. This resurgence is largely attributed to the efforts of record labels like BBE Music, dedicated to preserving and promoting quality jazz and its rich history.

“The Creation of Jazzanova – Strata Records, the Sound of Detroit” is a must-see for music aficionados and history buffs . Whether you’re a devotee of traditional jazz, bebop, or fusion, this mini documentary exemplifies the cultural and historical significance of the genre with aplomb.