Watch: Takeo Moriyama – East Plants (Live)


Takeo Moriyama and his band perform ‘East Plants‘ live at the Pit Inn, Tokyo, in September 2018. It’s an exhilarating performance from the band as the track builds from a wild attack of percussion into the main theme, followed by rousing tenor and accordion solos, finally ending on a return to the main horn theme once more. Moriyama’s ‘East Plants’ album was originally written and recorded in 1983 and has been reissued by BBE Music as part of the J Jazz Masterclass Series. Our thanks to Moriyama-san, Fujimori-san and the band for their cooperation and assistance.

Ruike Shinpei (tp)
Watanabe Fire (as/ss)
Kawashima Tetsuo (ts)
Sato Yoshiaki (acc)
Tanaka Nobumasa (p)
Mizutani Hiroaki (b)
Aikawa Hitomi (perc)
Moriyama Takeo (ds)

Album East Plants is available on vinyl, CD or digital formats here.