Tabansi Gold Series : Feature and Mix on The Ransom Note


Check out this wonderful Ransom Note feature on our Tabansi Gold Series with words from label manager Joe Tabansi and series curator John Armstrong, plus a great DJ mix from Justin Turford.

“The iconic UK independent label BBE has just celebrated their 500th release and after over 20 years at the coalface of exploring eclectic, soulful music from around the globe they are ramping up rather than basking in their achievements. With a roster of underground heroes like J Dilla, Masters at Work, Roy Ayers, DJ Spinna, Keb Darge, Mr Thing and John Morales as just a few of their regular contributors, BBE have always sought out the best and rarest sounds, the indefinable cuts that become our new favourite tunes.

Alongside their already hectic release schedule, the label has been investigating the idea of reissuing (or indeed releasing for the first time) entire catalogues from labels little known outside of their indigenous markets. On this note, BBE have teamed up with Nigerian behemoth Tabansi Records to release over 50 full length albums from their archives under the banner of the Tabansi Gold Series. With 11 albums already released in 2019, I spoke with BBE co-founder and CEO Peter Adarkwah, legendary DJ and compiler (200 and counting!) John Armstrong who curated the project, and current Managing Director Prince Joseph Tabansi, youngest son of the label’s founder Chief Tabansi about this meeting of music and record men.”


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